Jan 20 2010

Hidden Messages In Logos

See 23 Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages at TheRoxor Design Blog.

Jan 13 2010


The contents of any one panel are dependent on the contents of every panel including itself. The graph of panel dependencies is complete and bidirectional, and each node has a loop.

By xkcd.com/Randall Munroe

Jan 13 2010

Chart Wars: The Power Of Data Visualization

Alex Lundry, VP and Director of Research of TargetPoint, talks about the political power of data visualization.

Via information aesthetics.

Jan 11 2010

How To Catalog Your Book Collection Online

I used to keep track of my book collection in an exercise book. In the early nineties I made a Filemaker template to keep track of my personal library. (I made it available as shareware and called it “Book Catalogue”.) A few years ago I lost my catalog due to a computer crash. Now I am looking into an online solution to catalog my book collection.

In my search I came across the following websites:

Websites to catalog books and share book reviews:
Shelfari (owned by Amazon.com)

Website to catalog books:
Book Collector Connect

Websites to catalog not only books, but also music and movies:
All Consuming

Website to share book reviews:

Website to catalog books and trade books:

I really like that on some sites you are also able to connect with other book lovers besides cataloging your library. Of those LibraryThing and Goodreads seem to work best for international books. I will give them both a longer test drive before I make my decision. BookCrossing also looks very interesting.

Jan 11 2010

Great White Egret

Earlier today at about 11:00 I saw a great (white) egret (Dutch: grote zilverreiger) walking on a frozen ditch beside our house. Unfortunately it flew away before I could get my camera and take a picture. It would have made a great picture of the white bird with all the snow. I don’t remember having seen a white egret before.

Jan 8 2010

Adam Savage’s Obsessions

Adam Savage, co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters, gives a captivating talk on the nature of his particular obsessions at The last HOPE conference.

Links: Adam Savage’s personal website | Adam Savage’s twitter page | Wikipedia on Adam Savage

Dec 24 2009

Obsessives: Soda Pop Stop

Obsessives: John Nese from Galco’s Soda Pop Stop – video from CHOW

John Nese is very passionate about soda. From his soda shop in Los Angeles he sells about 500 different sodas.

Link: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Sep 1 2009

Million-Dollar Businesses You’ve Never Heard Of

Article at Forbes.com.

Aug 5 2009

Pay What You Want (2)

Article at Telegraaf.nl: De toekomst: Betaal-wat-je-wilt-principe (Dutch). Pay-what-you-want is the future according to marketing professional Egbert Jan van Bel. He thinks that 80 to 90 percent of the consumers are willing to pay a fair price.

An article in the Journal of Marketing (January 2009) shows that pay-what-you-want can lead to an increase in revenues.

See my earlier post: Pay What You Want!

More pay-what-you-want:
* Pay-as-you-wish restaurants (Springwise – Nov. 13, 2007)
* Pay-what-you-like restaurant’s recipe to beat the crunch (London Evening Standard – Feb. 3rd, 2009)
* Pay what you want at ‘The Come Back’ (flandersnews.be, Aug. 3, 2009)

Aug 4 2009

The Album Is Dead, Long Live the App

Apple’s App Store (for iPhone) offers an opportunity for artists and labels to distribute a new type of product. See article at Wired.